New Service Request

Welcome to the Cottonwood Water District a community in Shasta County, California

Please contact our office by phone to get the application emailed or simply print out and complete the appropriate service request applicaton below. We look forward to serving your water needs and providing you excellent customer service. 

New Water Service Account

You can complete an application for new water service by stopping by the District Office, clicking on the Application for Water Service or we can send it by email to fill out from home. 

Rental Deposit

Upon applying for water service from our District, both landlords and tenants are required to pay a $100.00 water trust deposit. 

For landlords, we will keep the deposit on account until you sell the unit. You can have tenants sign up for their own account by paying a deposit and being responsible for the billing while living there. It is your responsibiltiy to be in contact with us when a tenant moves out. A forwarding address will need to be supplied for anyone moving out of our District. Print a shut-off form to submit for this request. 

Homeowner's will pay a water trust deposit. This deposit will go into a water trust holding account. You may request to have this deposit put on account after one year of residency and with a good standing account. Please contact the office for this request 530-347-3472. 

Temporary Hydrant Meter Rental

You can request to rent a fire hydrant meter for any project/construction needs by completing the Fire Hydrant meter rental form below. These temporary service applications are subject to approval and require a $500.00 deposit. We do offer a one time fill service depending on the truck and tank size of $100.00, contact the office for this request. 

New Water Service Set up New Water Service Set up